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June 27, 2005
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DESTROY Corporate Property by scart DESTROY Corporate Property by scart
It's the only way

Anything else gets ignored, discounted, laughed off, downplayed & trivialised. Only through stopping the flow of "business as usual" i.e. affecting profits, can REAL change occur.

Corporate Pledge of Allegiance


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L5R1S8 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
Nice wallpaper, but just one question: why stop at corporate property when private property is problematic? Worker's private property is effectively impossible due to the historical development of the means of production mostly done by industrialization (e.g. division of labor that requires multiple workers, the nature and mode of operation of heavy machinery...). Furthermore, it is in the common interest for property to be common; workers that function as a single workforce produce much more in the same time as they would if they had been working on their own. The time that would have been spent on production, had they been working alone can instead be spent on their individual development and therefore the development of society as a whole.
yehvdah Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009
Corporate property is a concept that deals with the abstract relation between some stockholders (shareholders, capitalists, etc.) and the things (machines, buildings, tools, etc.) needed for producing or distributing a commodity or service. This has been posible because, since ancient times, most of the people of the world have been alienated from their common lands, now almost totally privatized or nationalized. So the landless people have been working for others since (because of the need of renting or buying a place to live, buy/grow their food, etc.). Hence, corporate property arise from the disparity in the rate of accumulation of wealth, that subordinates poor people to the wealthiest people for their subsistence (and the luxurious subsistence of the wealthiest). The ones in the middle of this pyramid tends to deffend the wealthy because of the constant fear of becoming poor (and because of the sometimes-achieved-dream of becoming one of the wealthy ones). Thus corporate property is just a bureaucratic way of oppresion enforced by the State. To destroy it is to destroy the oppurtunistic way of living of the wealthy inherited from the expropiation of the common people from their common lands.

Therefore, to DESTROY CORPORATE PROPERTY is NOT about destroying creativity, individual/collective work nor brilliant ideas. It is NOT about destroying trade, production, distribution nor the material means for promoting comfort, prosperity and sustainability. Destroying corporate property is about empowering those who have been deprived of their power because of their constant fear of getting evicted from their homes. It is about of protecting individuals from an obviously ill tradition that is founded in robbery. It is about the (re)organization of society in a more efficient way. It is about promoting freedom for each and every indivual in society.

Nice job Scart! Your art did make us think and argue about it. (Forgive me of any orthographic or syntatic mistakes, because english isn't my first language).
scart Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009
Brother,for someone whom English is not a first language you made a lot more intelligent points and presented your case better than the rest of us for whom it is. ;)

Very well said and thanks for your input.

cheers mate, muchas gracias para la palabras (& I'm pretty sure I said that wrong ;)
5middy Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008
Nothing wrong with communism, nothing particuarly wrong with capitalism either.

However destroying corporate property isn't really the best way of getting a point across. Bosses, employees, shareholders all rely on corporate property to make a living.

You're not really spreading equality, tolerance and a even playing field by destroying peoples corporate property/lifeline.

To be frank try building something, instead of destroying what others worked for.

If after attempting this you still find your oh so hated corporations have more than you then they obviously worked harder for what they have.

Study some business and corporate governance then you will understand why businesses aren't the bogeymen in the closet you make them out to be. Simply a group of people contributing to society and trying to make a living.
scart Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008
Have studied in depth, researched local and global impact, effects on culture and population, etc, hence the current view point.

The idea that they "have more cause they worked harder" is a naive first world view. Africans that work 20 hour days/7day weeks down diamond mines should by that logic be richer than anyone instead of barely being able to keep their babies from starving, which is the reality. I know cleaners & labourers that have worked their arses off for their entire lives in Australia and have died with very little, despite being honest, intelligent and hard working.

Capitalism is Greed & Exploitation at it's purest, calling it a system and placing the greediest and most exploitative at the top (which is who gets there) can really only be excused by others who are happy to do the same thing. Companies will cut wages and lay off employees, etc just to continue to show a profit for their "shareholders" (who have done NOTHING to build or maintain the company) so the idea that Employees and Shareholders are in the same boat isn't realistic.

My views are the result of many years of study, observation and REAL LIFE experience in various work forces/industries and discussion with others. I understand what you're saying but this isn't teenage angst mate, this comes from years of experience.

The number of countries and societies around the world that are currently starting to turn their backs on Capitalism as a failed experiment (Venezuela, most of Latin America, Nepal, Cypress) and the number of European countries that have elected more Socialist based Governments of late simply shows that the old methods of "Exploiter & Exploited" are no longer acceptable and more equal and sustainable communal based solutions are required. Capitalism is part of a transition (or modified extention) of Feudalism but is not an answer in it's self.

Cheers mate, thanks for your comments

LeRevolutionnaire Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
great points Scart! thank you!
scart Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
Sergetov Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2007
I love it! I'm a big fan of political art like this. By the way, I am a peace loving communist hippie, and its good to see that I am better the a capatalist pig (contrary to what the American government and society wants people to think).
StandUpFightBack Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2006
What the fuck!? How did I managed to miss the coolest submission in entire deviantart?
scart Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2006



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